M's School of Art

M's School of Art
          Creative Intentions Retreat
Introducing a new format for creative learning with M's School of Art...

-Creative art projects in varying mediums, journal writing, and poetry
-Full Day and Weekend Getaway options throughout the year
-Theme based projects focused on personal transformations, 
  intention setting, and future planning
-Held in various inspiring nature-centric locations 
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During this time of year we find nature lying dormant awaiting the sun's warmth to set the growth of seeds in motion. An age old tradition of observing whether a slumbering mammal sees their shadow or not, defines how we approach the coming spring; tuck back in for more weeks of rest or begin the ascent to awakening and growth.

We will use the theme of 'awakening' seeds from winter's sleep to explore projects, ideas, and future endeavors in our personal lives and translate them into creative symbols. What seed is lying beneath your surface awaiting the things it needs to flourish?

We'll explore these concepts within our personal lives during this full day workshop of drawing and clay projects.

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Creative Intention Retreat Series

January 28th

March 18th

April 29th
-Women's Retreat-
*Full day retreats based on a theme to encourage self reflection and creativity. 

*Primarily art based projects in clay, painting, and fiber arts. Special guests provide activities in writing, health, and fitness.

*Learn skills, meet new people, self reflect, and create with intention.