M's School of Art
M's School of Art
April 17th-21st
Projects will include a variety of the following: 
painting, drawing, clay, fiber arts, sculpture, and more!
Full Week
Monday - Friday

includes snack
*bring a lunch*
Full Day
individual days

includes snack
*bring a lunch*
M's School of Art   302 Davis Street   Hendersonville, NC  28739   828-329-1329   m.rathsack.art@hotmail.com
*Daily activities for week-long and half-day camps
include art projects and a snack

*Price includes all materials and a daily snack

***50% deposit required at registration***
for week-long camps

Discounts for siblings and multiple camp registration
10% off additional camps and workshops
Painting Camp   ages 5-8 and 9-12

A great opportunity for kids to explore watercolors and acrylics, paint a still life or a self portrait, study a famous artist’s techniques, and explore abstract art!  All new projects!

Ages 5-8  June 26th-30th 9am-12pm$125
Ages 9-12        June 26th-30th 2pm-5pm $125
Clay Camp   ages 5-8 and 9-12

Pinch pots, coil pots, and slabs, oh my!  This clay camp will keep everyone up to their elbows in hand-building projects!  The younger potters will explore many types of clay (homemade play-doh, earthenware, and polymer), while the oldest potters will delve into more advanced forms and learn building and glazing techniques. Everyone will also have a chance to work on the pottery wheel!

Ages 5-8      June 12th-16th        9am-12pm$125 
Ages 9-12    June 12th-16th 2pm-5pm         $125

Ages 5-8      July 17th-21st         9am-12pm$125 
Ages 9-12    July 17th-21st  2pm-5pm         $125
Drawing Camp  ages 5-8 and 9-12

Students will learn a new drawing skill each day!  Lessons include famous artists, linear perspective, still life, self portraits, optical illusions, animals, abstract and more! We'll explore pencil, charcoal, chalk and oil pastels and non-conventional forms of drawing!

Ages 5-8        June 19th-23rd9am-12pm $125   
Ages 9-12      June 19th-23rd        2pm-5pm   $125

Ages 5-8        July 24th-28th9am-12pm $125   
Ages 9-12      July 24th-28th        2pm-5pm   $125
Fiber Art Camp   ages 5-12

Explore the fun in fiber with projects involving tye-dye, weaving, beads, papermaking, sewing, embroidery, felted wool, and block printing on fabric! 

Ages 5-12        July 10th-14th           9am-12pm      $125
Sign up for the whole week or individual workshops!

Batik Banner  Ages 5-12
Create beautiful wax resist designs on fabric with melted wax, then choose any color of dye to finish your masterpiece!
July 6th      2-5pm  $25
August 7th  2-5pm  $25

Duct Tape Sculpture  Ages 5-12
Learn to create a 3D sculpture from newspaper and duct tape! 
August 10th  2-5pm  $25  

Felting with Wool  Ages 5-12
Learn how to felt wool using two techniques;  wet felting and needle felting!  Create a simple piece for a bag, pillow, hairpiece, or sculpture, then decorate!
August 11th  2-5pm  $25
August 17th  2-5pm  $25

Tye-Dye  Ages 5-12
Bring up to 3 new or previously worn white 100% cotton t-shirts, shorts, or pillow cases and try many different patterns! (one white bandana provided)
July 7th      2-5pm  $25
August 8th  2-5pm  $25

Edible Art Day  Ages 5-12
Get creative with food!  We'll make sculptures and mosaics with candy, cake, and fun snack food!
August 15th  2-5pm  $25

Junk Art  Ages 5-12
Let your imagination go wild with the items from the recylce bin!  Create 3D sculptures from plastic, cardboard, and more, then paint them as you wish!
July 3rd        2-5pm  $25
August 18th  2-5pm  $25

Polymer Clay Day   Ages 5-12
Super fun decorative and functional projects with colorful oven-baked clay!
August 14th  2-5pm  $25
ages 5-12
$25 each session
(snack included)

2017 Dates TBA

New art projects offered each session! 
Clay, Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media and Campy Crafts!
Dates TBA
Bring a lunch!
*morning and afternoon snack included
New art projects offered each session! 
Clay, Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media and Campy Crafts!
(10% discount for multiple camp sessions)
TEEN Camp   ages 12-17

It has finally arrived!  A camp for teens only! We'll explore a little bit of everything:  painting, drawing, clay, fiber arts, sculpture and more!  Your last project will be a free choice using any media available!  Bring your creativity and an open mind!  Let's explore and expand on your ideas!

Ages 12-17        July 10th-14th             2pm-5pm      $125

$45 each session or $200 for the week!
*bring a lunch!*
Pottery Day   Ages 5-12
A full day of all things clay!  Hand building and wheel throwing too! 
August 21st  9am-3pm  $45    

It's a Circus!  Ages 5-12
Come one, come all! Join the circus for a day and create art under the Big Top!
August 22nd  9am-3pm  $45

Under the Sea  Ages 5-12
Spend a day creating art inspired by the ocean!
August 23rd  9am-3pm  $45

Food Fun  Ages 5-12
Make food, make art -with- food, make art -of- food...just play with your food!!!
August 24th  9am-3pm  $45

The Masters  Ages 5-12
Learn about famous artists, their work, and create your own masterpieces!
August 25th  9am-3pm  $45