Drawing for Kids   (ages 5-8)

Students will expand their two-dimensional creativity drawing animals, buildings, and much more while exploring drawing media such as pencils, charcoal, and pastels!  A great introduction to drawing!
Materials:  included

Wednesdays    3:30-5:00 pm   March 7th-28th     $60

M's School of Art
M's School of Art   302 Davis Street   Hendersonville, NC  28739   828-329-1329   m.rathsack.art@hotmail.com
Kid's Classes
Painting for Kids    (ages 5-8)

Students will learn about the color wheel and mixing colors, creating textures, and the styles of famous artists as well as painting mediums such as acrylic, watercolor and printing ink!   A great introduction to painting!  
Materials:  included

Wednesdays    3:30-5:00 pm   May 9th-30th      $60

Clay for Kids   (ages 5-8)

Students will get their hands dirty while exploring pinch pots, coil pots, slabs, and sculptures!  They will also glaze their work and learn about the kiln!  A great introduction to clay!  Materials:  included

Wednesdays    3:30-5:00 pm   Feb. 7th-28th     $60

Fiber Art for Kids  (ages 5-8)

This class gives the little folks a variety of craft experiences including, but not limited to, papermaking, felting, beading, batik, weaving, decoupage, tye-dye and sculpture!  
Materials:  included

Wednesdays 3:30-5:00 pm  April 11th-May 2nd     $60

(ages 5 and up)

$12.00 each
Pay for 4 classes in advance 
and get the 5th one FREE!

Pottery Wheel
​Take a spin on the wheel and see what you can make!
February 7th

Bee Bowl
​Learn to make a sweet little bee bowl from clay!
February 14th

Pet Portrait
​Use your furry friend as a model for a thumb-sized sculpture in clay!
February 21st

Long Legged Birdy Bird
Try your hand at a leggy bird sculpture made from polymer clay!
February 28th

Contour Lines
Learn to use contour lines to create patterns and make objects look three dimensional!
March 7th

Picasso Portrait
Draw your own likeness using Picasso's Cubist style!  
March 14th

Explore the blended colors of flower petals with oil pastels!
March 21st

Patterned Parrot
​Learn to draw a colorful parrot bursting with patterns!
March 28th

Beaded Lizard
Learn to weave beads into a colorful lizard design!
April 11th

Kandinsky Batik
Create a simple eye-catching batik with melted crayons in the style of Kandinsky's concentric circles!
April 18th

Simple Sewing
Learn to sew buttons and also a straight stitch to create your own small pillow!
April 25th

Do you have a group of preschoolers ready for art classes?
Arrange classes or workshops at your convenience!

ages 3-5

$15 per session

​Block Print Kitchen Towel
Learn to use fabric ink to print a repetitive design!
May 2nd

Color Series:  Orange and Blue
Explore the painting possibilities with these complimentary colors!
May 9th

​Color Series:  Red and Green
These colors are more than just holidays colors!  Come and learn to paint with red and green!
May 16th

Color Series:  Purple and Yellow
Fun and bold and bright!  Learn to paint something wonderful with these complimentary colors!
May 23rd

Color Series:  Black and White
Let's explore painting with these classic opposites!
May 30th