Drawing (ages 9-12)

Explore the basic concepts of drawing using line, space, scale, proportion, value, and composition.  Students will learn to draw an object that occupies a space using linear perspective and accurately reproduce an object from a still life or model.  They will also learn to use a value scale, define light and shadow, and explore different line qualities with pencil.  Drawing subjects will include still life, buildings, interiors, and objects chosen by the student for self-study assignments.  Students will also explore charcoal, chalk pastels and oil pastels.  
Materials:  included

Private Lessons: $65/hr

Painting (ages 9 -12)

This introduction to painting with acrylics will cover basic concepts from the color wheel to    painting techniques.  Students will be encouraged to develop their own style after successfully learning how to create a color chart, mix colors, paint a still life, learn the styles of famous artists, and explore different styles of painting. 
Materials:  included

​Private Lessons: $65/hr

Clay:  Handbuilding and  Wheel Throwing  (ages 9-12) 

Beginners and Advanced students are welcome!  Beginners will learn the basics of hand building with low-fire clay and glazes by exploring the artistic and functional possibilities of pinch pots, coil pots, and slab-rolled pieces as well as glazing and staining techniques.  Advanced students will be given more challenging projects but are welcome to work on individual projects. Beginning Wheel Throwing students will learn  centering, throwing a basic cylinder, and trimming.  Advanced students will work on more challenging forms such as bowls, plates, and bottles, High fire clay and glazes also available!
Materials:  included  (up to 12 lbs. of clay, glazes)  additional materials available for purchase

Private Lessons: $65/hr

Drawing II  (ages 9 and up)

A continuation of Drawing I emphasizing the use of charcoal and chalk pastels.  Students will learn to use a value scale, translate a still life to paper, and explore life drawing subjects such as gestural drawings, a self-portrait and study of the hand etc.
Materials:  included

Thursdays      3:30pm-5:00pm, 5 sessions:  Jan. 30-Feb. 27                            $75
Thursdays      3:30pm-5:00pm, 5 sessions:  Mar. 6- Apr. 10 (omit March 27)      $75
Thursdays      3:30pm-5:00pm, 5 sessions:  Apr. 24-May 22                             $75

Clay Classes for Adults (18 and up)   

Materials included
Dates and times can be tailored to your schedule. 
Call or email to schedule your session!
*be sure to note the dates and times you choose for your class in the comment section of the registration page*

M's School of Art

Clay Marquee Letter
Two sessions.  Learn to make a 
large letter shaped wall hanging or 
box from clay slabs.  Return the 
next week to glaze your piece!


Clay Windchimes
Learn to create a unique set of 
windchimes for your porch or 
garden using the extruder! Return 
the next week to glaze!


Raku Pillow Box
Create a challenging hollow form 
from two slabs of clay, then 
return to glaze and participate in 
the exciting firing process!


Raku Ornaments
Create several ornaments 
in clay, then fire them using
 the raku process!  Make 
smaller versions into 
pendants to wear!



Clay Bowl Cluster
Learn to create a 
cluster of bowls from clay 
and decorate them with food 
safe glazes!  Return at a later 
date to glaze.


​Mills River, NC

Extruded Raku Vase
Learn to use the extruder to 
create a simple vase, then 
return to glaze and fire your 
piece in the raku kiln!