Printmaking    (18 and up)  
Cards and Envelopes
Try your hand at creating a set of cards with envelopes with your own design.  You will learn to carve a linoleum block, print with ink, and include other embellishments! Drawing skills not required!  Materials:  included

Unique Cardmaking
Discover how to make your own sheets of paper from cotton linters, recycled office paper, and corn husks.  Floral additives and paper-casting molds are also available to give your paper a 3-D artistic touch!  Take home a set of stationery and matching envelopes!  


Create a yummy salve for 
chapped winter hands   
Add essential oils to your liking! 
Make one for yourself and a few 
for friends and family! 4 oz.salve
 included, additional items 
$1.00 per oz.

Polymer Clay    (ages 18 and up)                   
Learn how to use the Mokume Gane pattern style to create a matching set of polymer clay earrings and pendant!  Materials:  included  

Felting        (ages 18 and up)
Animal Sculpture/Pin cushion
Learn how to use the wet-felting technique to create an animal sculpture around foam (also makes a great pin cushion!) Materials: included 


Beaded Pamphlet-Stitch Book

Learn how to create a 
simple bound book using 
fine papers and beaded 

Polymer Clay    (ages 18 and up)                   
Skinner Blend Cane
Learn how to use the skinner blend technique to create one of a kind cane that can be made into your choice of jewelry item or decorative covering for a pen, jar, or lightswitch plate!
Materials:  included  

Mosaics   (18 and up)
Serving Tray
Create a design with glass tiles to decorate a wood serving tray.  Drawing skills not necessary!  Learn how to grout the tiles and create a waterproof surface!  Detailed designs may take more than one session.
Materials:  included                      


M's School of Art
Fiber Arts & Crafts
FELTING    (ages 18 and up)
Needle Felted Pin Keeper
Create a unique holder for your pins and needles using needle felting techniques.
Materials:  included

MOSAICS    (ages 18 and up)
Picture Frame
Create a unique design in glass tile on a picture frame!  Great for last minute gifts!
Materials:  included

PRINTMAKING    (ages 18 and up)
Landscape Block Prints
Learn to create a simple scene using styrofoam sheets and layered ink!
Materials:  included


Explore the world of fabric 
decoration using a wax resist 
method. Create an original 
design with wax, then apply dye! 

Foaming Hand Soap
Learn how to mix your own foaming 
hand soap withingredient names 
you can pronounce and a scent of 
your choice!  Take home a foaming 
pump bottle and enough soap 
for refills.

DIY Spring Cleaning Products
Need to move away from harsh 
cleaning chemicals?  You'll leave 
this workshop with a citrus spray, 
a toilet bowl cleaner, and a tile and 
tub scrubmade from simple
ingredients and the knowlegde to 
make more at home!

Nuno Felted Scarf

Learn the "wet" felting process used 
to embed merino wool fibers into a 
silk scarf!  You'll leave wearing a 
gorgeous one of a kind creation!



Block Print Greeting Cards
Design and carve your own stamp
from a linoleum block. Print on 
cards or envelopes to create 
a set for gifts or for yourself!
Drawing skills not required. 

Mills River, NC

Learn to paint with melted 
crayons on canvas to create 
a unique image!  Your final 
piece will be painted on a 
canvas totebag!


Learn to create customized 
bath fizzys, and scrubs.
Choose your own scents 
and additives for each body 
care product or create a 
matching set of products 
for a gift basket!

Recycled Candles

Bring your bits and pieces 
of leftover candles and learn 
to make new ones! Add scent 
and color to your liking. No wax?
No worries! There's plenty 
to go 'round!

Journal Making

Learn how to create a 
hand-sewn journal with a 
hard cover. Choose from 
several types of papers to 
decorate as well as punches
 and stamps!



Polymer Clay Pens
Learn to create designs in a cane 
formation to slice and then 
decorate a ball point pen. 
Color combinations and 
designs are endless! 
Great for gifts!

Mills River, NC